After Builders Cleaning

At the time when you move in to a new house or renovate your old home you are too excited to experience the new look of it. However, most of the times you are left irritated or disappointed with the left over’s that the builders or the decorators leave behind after providing their services. Although they promise to leave the place as good as a new one, you will find a lot of dust and dirt after them.

Most of the times the place is inhabitable the moment you move in. Thus it is left on you to clean the property and move in all the household stuff you need inside. For a normal household or the maids it is a tough task to clean the area which requires professional experience.

After Builders Cleaning in HampsteadPrices
After Builders Cleaningfrom £18

This is the reason why you should use the help of professional after builders cleaning services. Our cleaning agency is based in Golders Green, London and provides professional after builders cleaning services to all customers in the local area of Golders Green.

At our cleaning company we do our best to clean your place according to the highest industry standards. We guarantee to leave you amazed with the quality of our cleaning solutions. Our cleaners have been well trained and equipped with advanced tools and chemicals.

We have been in the industry for a long time now which has provided us a long experience to assess the need of a place. This certainly helps us to provide our services in the shortest possible time. Our after builders cleaning services include the following procedure:

  • Protection labels removed
  • Paint and plaster is removed
  • We clean up the windows and window frames
  • We clean up the doors and door ledges
  • We wash the based painted walls and ceilings
  • We clean the shelves, cupboards as well as wardrobes both inside and outside
  • We also Disinfect the sanitary wear and chrome features
  • All these are followed up by Sanitization of the toilets, sinks, taps, showers
  • And finally we vacuum and mop the floors after dusting it properly
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